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Our story

     Our company was founded in the mid nineteen fifties by John Desmond when he supplied builders with cabinetry for the post World War II housing boom.  He discovered that his true passion was as a hotelier and sold the business to his sales manager Franklin Hartzell.  Frank had years of experience in the kitchen industry and developed the business.  Frank continued to run the company with his sons Bill & Don until his death in 1994.      Since then, they have been joined by Don's son, Chris, and Bill's son, BJ, to complete three generations of Hartzells at Desmond Wholesale Distributors Inc.

     The wholesale cabinet business like most businesses is about people and service. There are many different cabinets available today, but what sets DWD apart from other suppliers is our commitment to our customer.  We begin with design and supply the appropriate cabinet for each individual project.  We then follow through to ensure complete satisfaction from the builder to the consumer.

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